Why Sales Training Doesn’t Work – Is Your Training Program a Waste of Time and Money?

Can be your training program a waste of resources and money?

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Which of the next statements best describes your feelings about the training programs you took or have put your Salesforce through? корпоративный тренинги по продажам

1 = Pleased – training always makes obvious and measurable results 2 = Fairly satisfied – training appears to be beneficial, but does not always yield the required results 3 = Unsure – The Sales force is generally happy and business is moving in the right course, but I’m unsure whether training is an adding factor 4 = Pretty dissatisfied – training is something “nice to have” that my Sales Crew could probably do without 5 = Completely disappointed – training is an expensive waste of resources and resources 

Common comments from Product sales Managers

For anyone who is like most managers who arrange sales training for your Sales force, you’re unlikely to article being “completely satisfied” using its worth.

We regularly review senior Sales Managers in medium-to-large sized organisations and the following comments are, unfortunately, very common.

“They seemed to enjoy themselves, but two weeks later we saw very little change. ” (Regional Product sales Manager, Automotive Manufacturer)

“Overall the education was good, but the challenge is in getting the men to implement the new skills. Nothing really seems to have changed much. “(National Sales Manager, Building Industry)

“My people go on these courses and get pumped up for a day or two and then their performance slips to what it was before the training – and occasionally worse because they’re confused” (State Sales Manager, Retail)

When you’ve ever attended a training course yourself, it’s not hard to see the explanations why.

You enjoy the course and leave energised, with great intentions and a set of things want to do in different ways once you’re back at work. But, when you get back to two days’ worth of unanswered emails, calls to come back and proposal deadlines to meet, it’s another eight days before you even stop and think about the training. The second for change has exceeded you by.

Training impact studies make sure the knowledge gained at a workshop or workshop falls off significantly within simply a few days of finishing the course.

And given the way in which people actually learn, that isn’t at all surprising. Including so, we continue to expect that the sales training event itself will make a measurable big difference in light of strong evidence that this is unlikely to take place.

Let’s think about this logically. Will you send your child to a two-day course to understand the piano, and expect them to good enough to compete or pass exams using their new skill? Of course you wouldn’t.