What You Didn’t Know About Airbrush Makeup Vs Traditional Makeup

one particular ) Airbrush cosmetic applied properly is ‘invisible’ through a camera and on digital/print view.

Reason being that airbrush cosmetic is dispersed in hundreds of ‘dots’. air brush makeup

Similarly, a camera selects up light and exhibits it in pixels on your computer screen or maybe the LCD screen. Pixels are tiny, tiny dots as well. 

Airbrush cosmetic is applied the same way a camera reads what is infront of it, which is tiny dots of color, which is why it is extremely easy to have ‘invisible’ cosmetic with airbrush makeup!

2. Airbrush cosmetic is n’t always the most natural way of doing makeup.

Every single skin and person is unique and an experienced cosmetic artist is able to use different means to produce the most ‘natural’ result for you.

For example, when a person has very dry out, parched skin, sometimes by using a gel based foundation will work better than airbrush because it will ‘tone’ and hydrate the epidermis better than an airbrush cosmetic will. (depending on the formula and brand)

For example, I look and treat the epidermis first, then I determine which medium will produce the healthiest look of skin to them that likewise reflects the same epidermis throughout their body, as if it just visited is actually optimal, healthiest state.

3. You can achieve the ‘airbrush’ cosmetic look with traditional makeup!

Yes a highly skilled cosmetic artist with the right layering technique can produce an invisible impact as well.

It just takes more blending and knowledge of deceiving the way light is acquired on the camera. Dust helps this because it is also tiny, little dots, just like airbrushing. This comes out ‘softer’ looking.

Airbrushing has it’s way of having the corners already blended but with traditional makeup, the blending together is manual with your brushes.

4. Airbrush cosmetic doesn’t mean it’s much longer lasting either.

It will depend how it is defined and the prep of the skin, and treatment of skin before the cosmetic is applied.

40% of the cosmetic application is in the skincare prep and moisturizing ritual.

If you don’t prep the skin area well enough, most likely your cosmetic will oxidize faster, slide, or work off in an even worse case scenario!

5. Airbrush cosmetic is n’t for fine lines and the older and mature skin!

You desire a brush to get into the crevices so that it all will depend on the medium of the artist once more.

For skin that has fine lines, ideally you need a brush to be sure that this can get into the folds for optimal results.

For instance, when that face begins to move, you don’t want spaces of cosmetic and areas with no cosmetic when your skin stretches!

After, make sure that you place it with powder in order that it stops creasing.

6. Airbrush cosmetic is great for covering scars, especially ones that are patchy!

If you go in with a wash and makeup, you need to blend out your corners to make certain that the obscured area is blended well.

With an airbrush firearm, it offers the already blended area immediately and all you are required to do after, is to powder the hidden blemish.

It also inhibits you having to go in with a clean that disturbs any scrappy, flaky skin otherwise. You can avoid it with a patting motion but most cases, it’s easier and is faster to apply with an airbrush gun.