SEO Techniques: What SEOs Should Avoid Doing After Google’s Panda and Penguin Update

SEO techniques change from time to time with regards to the need to boost a virtual reality ranking. However, the latest Google update required more than usual optimization process. scraping google search results

Because the Panda and Penguin updates, many webmasters and internet search engine optimizers have recently been challenged to create a strategy that will surely boost their website’s performance in search engines. The sudden drop of websites off their positions in search results, specially in Google, has resulted to online businesses panicking over their shows and their profit. 

If perhaps there are websites that fell from their ranks there are those that went up from their previous position. This only shows that while there are most definitely certain techniques that need to be transformed there are also those who have done it well.

Actually, SEO techniques required to search engine optimizers is pretty simple: concentrate more on white hat and do not spam. When we say “white hat” it means that you should concentrate on quality SEO rather than bombard your articles, even your participation on blog commenting and forum leaving your 2 cents, with links and keywords. While in the past quantity of links can improve your awareness, it has somehow made these sites unstable.

Just about all postings today on search engine optimization are targeted on what to do to get back into the rankings. While these are definitely helpful, there exists still the need to understand just what made other website fall from their rankings after the Yahoo updates. Here are some of the mistakes made and should be overlooked by optimizers.

Keyword padding – As the term implies, keyword stuffing is about inserting too many keywords within the content.

Content material scraping and short website content – Content scratching is actually copying and pasting a certain content from another website to yours. Short website content actually limits the information as well.

Concentrating only on the search machines – While most seo is targeted on the updates implemented by Yahoo this doesn’t mean you have to disregard other means to optimize. You could opt in your website to mobile viewing and even use social multimedia to provide updates and even increase your traffic. You should also consider your website design if its theme does fit your services and your visitor’s liking.

Checking and increasing your SEO techniques is indeed greatly required if you wish to get a more robust your hands on your position. Merely remember that the best way to get started on is by having a technique that can stabilize your ranking, and then additional techniques that can further increase your recognition.