Pancake Perfection – Tips and Tricks For Fabulous Flapjacks

Just like pancakes? You’re going to love them once you read these tips and tricks that will convert you into an expert pancake chef! Learn all about ingredients, mixing, food preparation, flipping, presentation, storing, reheating, and more! palacinky


Refreshing flour makes a big difference in pancake flavor and texture, because the less difficult the recipe, the more essential high-quality ingredients are. So buy flour from a health food store, local mill, or natural foods section of the grocery store.

Use wedding cake flour for super light, fluffy pancakes. 


Test out if the griddle is hot enough by scattering a few drops of water on it. In case the drops dance and soar, it’s ready.

You may want to test the batter and griddle by cooking one trial hot cake first.

If your hotcakes are browning on the bottom before bubbles seem on top, the griddle is too hot; although if the tops become dry before the underside are golden brown, the griddle is not hot enough.


Do not over-mix pancake batter because this overdevelops the gluten, resulting in rubbery hotcakes. Over-mixing also bursts the batter air bubbles, that happen to be important for light hotcakes.

Cook baking soda hot cake batter immediately, because the liquid starts reacting immediately, of course, if you wait too long, the batter will go smooth.

Stir the batter carefully ONLY until moistened. The remaining small lumps will cook out, so avoid worry about them.

Take into account that each cook measures in another way, so the batter may need slight adjustments. In the event that the batter seems too thick, thin it with a tablespoon each time or milk or buttermilk or water; if it seems too thin and nasal, merge a tablespoon or so of flour.

Hot cake batter that is too runny equals thin, toned pancakes.

Pancake batter that is too thick means it won’t spread, producing in thick pancakes with doughy centers.

Pancake crepe mixture consistency is important, but sometimes unpredictable, since materials, how long the crepe mixture sits, and even weather affect the batter.

Remember that batters made with whole wheat flour will thicken as they stand.

Pouring Hotcakes

A ladle works for pouring pancake batter, but if you make use of one, realize that the higher you own it, the more you risk breaking the air bubbles in the batter. Therefore, contain the spoon nearby the surface of the griddle.

You want at least an inch of space between cooking hotcakes, so remember when you pour the batter that it will spread.

Spatula Make use of

Resist the desire to move pancakes while the first side is cooking, as this will break the seal between your pancake and cooking surface, meaning the pancake is not going to cook as evenly.