How To Use A Chainsaw Safely!

As a result, you’ve purchased your new chainsaw after doing a little researching the market and are happy that your hard earned cash has been well put in. If you bought your saw from a local store you may have received a brief explain to you of how to use your new chainsaw. Upon the other hand, you could have ordered your chainsaw online, in which case, if you have never used a chainsaw before, you will not be acquainted with chainsaw security or the way to get the best performance from your new purchase. In this article we will try to talk you through the basics of using your chainsaw in a safe and efficient manner, making sure that with a little practice, you become comfortable and efficient at holding out a range of domestic tasks. chainsaws

Working environment

Lets assume you that you bought your new chainsaw to prepare fire wood for winter months months and that logging will probably be your main career when using the read. If you have not already succeeded in doing so, it is highly recommended to get a good quality sawhorse to hold wood in place whilst it has been logged. Before you even commence work, think with regards to your working environment and where far better to locate yourself and your tools. Ideally, a clear, flat space with at least 5 metres of clearance everywhere will be best, also remember to inform others of where you are or what you will be doing. 

Get to know your chainsaw

It is essential that you read totally the guide that is provided with your chainsaw. Some manufacturers will even give a chainsaw safety online video or DVD; watch this as well. With your new saw on a bench or table in front of you, acquaint yourself challenging controls, in particular the safety settings that are there to prevent accidents from taking place. All saws from different manufacturers will be different but most will have following basic safety features, whether the chainsaw is electric or petroleum:

In the bottom of the read there may be a tiny metal club running under the sequence, this can be a chain catcher. That is there to capture the chain in the event that it either breaks or derails.

The throttle lock and lead to controls are essential in the running of the chainsaw. Both will be located at the back handle of the chainsaw, the throttle lock protecting against accidental depression of the throttle trigger.

A stop control button or button is located in the back of the saw, within reach of your thumb to allow you to quickly stop the engine if so required.

Along the lower side of the trunk take care of you will notice a wide, flat guard. This kind of guard was created to protect your right hand should the chain break or derail. It is also used when starting the chainsaw, enabling you to place your feet over the guard whilst yanking the recoil rope to turn in the engine. A vitally important safety feature on your chainsaw is the chain brake. This is the lever positioned in front of the top handle which is activated either manually by pushing it forwards or by inertial forces that are the result of dangerous kickback, encountered when the top half the chainsaw club nose (the kickback zone) makes connection with something at any time, forcing the chainsaw in excess and backwards.

What are you wearing?

A unusual question you might think when you are going to use a chainsaw but the one which you need to spare a little thought over. Chainsaw safety clothing is vitally important in protecting you should a major accident occur. In an excellent world you would be wearing the appropriate safety gear from top to toe, but this is not always sensible or within your budget. At a minimum, do make sure that you are putting on clothing that is constructed from heavy, tough materials and a strong pair of boots with a heavy-duty toecap. Gloves should be heavy nevertheless, you must be able to move your hands freely to operate the chainsaw safety controls properly, and quickly if necessary. Nevertheless , if you only buy one bit of chainsaw clothing, make sure it is a built-for-purpose chainsaw safety helmet. Facial accidental injuries from chainsaw accidents are often the most severe and a chainsaw headgear will go a long way to protecting against anything at all serious. They may be fitted with a face guard and ear defenders and are not always as expensive as people often think. Buy one!