General Driving Regulations In France When Travelling On French Roads

Today whether you are visiting with a caravan, traveling a motorhome or perhaps traveling in your car or truck through Italy there are some items that you must think about to choose your holiday break in France go easily.

Before I start traveling in France can certainly be a fantastic experience that you will never forget, especially getting to see a number of the historical towns and quaint villages, but I possess put together some tips and guidelines to with any luck , keep you out of trouble! تابلوهای راهنمایی و رانندگی

First and probably the most evident one, is the fact in many countries every voyager must wear a seatbelt. But also in France it is also illegitimate for a child under the age group of 10 to be in the front voyager seat. 

Driving Licences

One particular point you may well not know, is that the legal age drive an automobile in Portugal is 18 years of age? So although you may handed your driving test in the UK when mr. bieber was 17, you still cannot drive in Portugal, plus you’re not allowed to drive in France on a Provisional licence.

As well, you must also bring your driving licence with you at all times and these days it also a good idea to have one of the photocard driving licences. Should you have one of the old green style driving permits it is recommended to update this to a photocard licence or obtain an International Driving Support.

Documents When Driving In France

I would check before driving In Portugal that every person venturing along on holiday to France has a valid passport including children and any pets.

You should also carry the V5 car log book, the MOT certificate if this is applicable and of course a legitimate license of motor insurance, but please remember that although you may have Comprehensive cover on your policy you may be covered Third Get together in Europe unless you upgrade your insurance coverage.

Also, everyone in your group should have the new European Health Insurance Card and hopefully this will never be needed, but accidents do happen!

In order to travelling with house animals you should also try to be able to prove that not only do they have a passport, but their shots are all up to date, but even this is changing in Feb 2012.

Another good idea, even though the original documents are needed, We would advise taking photocopies of all of these together with your given and credit cards, then keep a copy at home, preferably with a relative that you can contact within an urgent and another copy with you in a safe place, and separate to factory units, just in circumstance anything gets lost or stolen.

Equipping your car or truck

FINE, the essential thing you need to do is make sure that you have bulb deflectors for your lamps so that you do not dazzle other road users when driving on the opposite side of the road.

Next is to possess a GB sticker on your car and also another on the caravan or trailers if you are dragging.

Also it is also a legal requirement to have the following in your vehicle:

– Emergency triangular, although in some EUROPEAN countries two or 3 are required if dragging.
– Reflective safety outdoor jackets for each and every passenger.
– Flames extinguisher.
– First help kit.
– Replacement light kit (s).
– Extra wheel.
– Replacement combines.
– Extending Mirrors if towing a caravan.

A new law that we have heard about is that from June, July time 2012, you will need to carry your own breathalyser testing kit when in France, but you may prefer to check this as regulations do change

People from france Road Speed Limits

Once it comes to rate limits the motorways are 130km per hour, but this falls off to 110km per hour not in good weather conditions.