Fire Extinguisher Servicing – The Importance Of Maintaining Fire Extinguishers

To start with I’m going to speak a little about the various types of fire extinguishers, and the color code system. That directly performs into when you need fire extinguisher servicing, but a good guideline is that you should have a full service carried away once a year. This kind of is in fact a legal requirement for UK businesses.¬†fire extinguisher services ny

Fires are labeled in to five organizations

The first group is Class A: This category includes organic and natural materials such as, paper, wood, fabrics, and clothing material 

The Second group is Course B: This class is for flammable Liquids such as gasoline

The 3 rd group is Class C: This class is made for inflammable Gasses, such as acetylene, hydrogen, and other air

The fourth class is class D: This course if for fires regarding flammable metals

There is a new class Farreneheit: This class is for fires involving cooking sauces, and other liquids like it

Now that you know a bit about how exactly the classes of fireplace extinguishers are setup, it may make somewhat more sense to you to do your fire extinguisher servicing annually.

As I said above; you are required to accomplish this annually. Fire extinguisher servicing will give you peace of mind. In a business you are required to have an extinguisher present on the premises constantly. Regular flames extinguisher servicing will assure that your machines are in proper working order.

With all of the several types of fireplace that I have mentioned in the above list, it should be a little more clear that a fire is not a simple thing to fight. If you do regular fire extinguisher arranging, you can help keep a fire at bay before the professionals arrive on the scene.

How will the color coding work?

Water type extinguishers are for class A fire only, and are routine red, with a red label.

A Foam type extinguisher is for school A, and B fire and are red with a cream colored -panel above the operating instructions. A Dry Powder type extinguisher is for category A, B, and C fires, and it is signified by being red with a blue panel over an operating instructions. A Carbon type fire extinguisher is perfect for class A, and (limited) Class B fires, and it is signified by red with a black panel over an operating instructions.

A Halon type fire extinguisher, this manner is no longer in use in the UK, and it is against the law to have, but was used for type A fires in the past. If you have one of these you must arrange for the immediate disposal of it. Wet Chemical type extinguishers can be used for class A fireplace but are really for class F fires. These types of are signified by red with a canary green panel above the working instructions. Special Powder type extinguishers are for use on type D fire, are signified by red with a spanish blue -panel above the operating instructions

In conclusion fire extinguisher servicing is required so that you can do. It just makes good sense to ensure that your equipment is in top working order.