Eagle Cuda 300 Portable Compact Fish Finder Product Review and Tips

The Eagle Cuda 300 Lightweight Compact Fish Finder is a simple to use and affordable locator that provides various sorts of anglers access to the sport fishing locating technology that requires the guess work away of actually finding seafood. best inexpensive kayak under $500

The Eagle Cuda three hundred is a perfect depth locater for small boats, kayaks or float tubes. The suction cup mounting Skimmer transducer is not hard to install on any small boat. Due to its durable and waterproof casing this lightweight fish finder can be taken in both fresh water and harsh saltwater conditions. 

Using its 20 degree cone angle, the Eagle Cuda 300 offers up to 60 degrees of diagnosis and also offers a high sensitivity setting to let you locate more seafood.

By utilizing a fish locater the game or recreational angler can concentrate on the art of catching seafood rather than the time consuming task of actually finding them.

Mounting Hint

If you are mounting any angling gear on a boat or float tube it is best to have a friend help. Although you sit in the kayak or float conduit have your friend attach the depth finder (or other accessory) on the craft. By doing this you can see exactly how it will be if you are away on the water and you could have your friend adapt the positioning as needed. Also, it is highly recommended to always tie down your sport fishing gear when fishing from a kayak or drift tube. If you aren’t tie it down at least attach a drift to each article.

Likewise, always remember to wear a personal flotation device whenever you are from the water.