Choosing a Safe Pest Control Product

A large number of pest control products that you can buy are synthetic toxins, poisons or carcinogens that use excess nerve gas technology from World War II. These types of products affect the stressed system of pests. They will are composed of ingredients that can also affect humans, animals and the planet. For that reason, it makes sense that these substances would need strict government regulation in order to protect the public. This provides the job of the Environmental Protection Company or EPA. pest control nj

Nevertheless , not all pest control products are created equally. Presently there is a whole other category of pest control products that are ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY ‘exempt’ and do not need to be authorized as they are established to be safe and require no registration. Who have determines what is considered safe? 

The Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Take action (FIFRA) was passed in order to provide recommendations and safety controls for products available for community use. In 1996, the EPA released what is referred to as List 25(b) which was part of FIFRA and it has 30 ingredients that are all naturally taking place substances.

They ingredients are discovered by the ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY “to be of a character which is needless to be controlled by this Act”. In other words, these ingredients pose no threat to public security and are exempt from the strict safety restrictions that affect other, simplicity of chemical pesticides. The ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY controls this list – they have done the exhaustive research to conclude what is ‘safe’enough to be included.

So if a pest control product has an active element found on List 25(b), the EPA’s stance is that the system is ‘demonstrably safe for the designed use’. No need to test that further, no need to protect people from it, no need for concern. A infestation control product with an ‘exempt’ active ingredient had been proven to be safe.

The ingredients contained in List 25(b) are a collection of natural, green infestations control options. Things like cedar oil, cinnamon olive oil, citronella oil, peppermint petrol and geranium oil self defense the set of only 23 ingredients that all come from Nature herself – not crazy man-made chemicals with names you are not able to pronounce.

At one end of the spectrum are synthetic chemicals that in order to be available for public use require EPA registration and control. At the opposite end of the continuum are natural, green and safe what are ‘exempt’ from rules as they pose no threat to humans, pets or animals or environmental health.

Should you be choosing products for use in your own house, these are serious dissimilarities to consider. The irony is that an item with EPA subscription is often perceived by the population as safe although an item without registration is considered untested or dangerous. But in reality, ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY registration is available to ingredients that can cause harm.

So the next time you are making use of bug spray on your children, consider your options. For anyone who is swatting mosquitoes, interacting with ants in the kitchen or faced with a nightmare like foundation bugs, and what will influence your pest control product decision?