Choosing a Crystal Chandelier

Requirements affecting the choice of chandelier: den chum trang tri

– type of room
– dimensions of the room
– assemblage of the room
– height of the roof
– furnishings and equipment of the interior
– intensity of sunshine required by user
– weight of crystal flambeau
– degree of maintenance required 

Type of room
A crystal chandelier can be put anywhere. The most popular location to hang a crystal chandelier is obviously the living room, and then the bedroom, hall and living area. We have also experienced a crystal chandelier in your bathroom, however, it was a huge room with a perfect system of ventilation to take away humidity, which can effect the lifetime and operation of the chandelier as well as the health of the person. Our chandeliers are shipped with IP code 20 (effective against insertion of fingers or similar objects but not insulated against any damaging ingress of water). A customer / user is fully liable for putting in a chandelier in an environment from the design parameters thereof, and with any damage to the lamp, light fitting caused by positioning it in such an environment.

Scale the room
The size of the room is vital when choosing a chandelier. To illustrate, a multi-tiered chandelier is well suited for lounges with staircases which will then be completely outclassed by the chandelier, no matter which side it has been viewed from. Alternatively, small rooms should be when you have single-tier chandeliers or a remove mount. In both situations chandeliers can be put together with wall, table or standing lamps.

Ceiling level
The fact that ceiling of rooms are not of the same elevation should not be neglected. We ship our chandeliers with chains of several links, i. e. 30-50 cm long with regards to the type of the chain. You will need to consider what clearance under the chandelier is required, taking the height of the user into accounts. The typical distance between the bottom part of the chandelier and the surface is 2. 1-2. 2 meters. With regard to the fact that the height of chandeliers with a chain as explained inside our catalogue does not include the length of the chain, the span of the chain and the hanger in a canopy, whose height is between 10 and 20 cm depending on size of the chandelier, must be added to the top of the chandelier. In instances where the ceiling is not high enough, it is possible to shorten the chain. The chain can be shortened to the length of one website link which is necessary for joining the hanger and the body of the chandelier together. Should such a substantial shortening be insufficient, a different type of chandelier should be purchased.
If the hanging was already delivered and you desire a longer chain, it must be ordered in the required length combined with the fold, which should be altered as well because their length is insufficient as well.

Articulation of the room
The articulation of the room significantly affects the placement of light fixtures. If the room is highly articulated then the use of one central chandelier is not suitable. Such a room should be fitted with wall lamps yet another smaller chandelier. For admission with low ceilings it is convenient to use flush mounts.

Furnishings and equipment
Along with of the walls, furniture, metal accessories, carpets and style where the room has been adorned, as well as the tastes of the end user, influence the choice of chandeliers.

Light required by user
Light requirement is a feature of an user which is hard to predict. For example, if a sanitary standard says that the bare minimum light intensity recommended for a stay in a room is 200lx, there are always people that will require 500lx or more. Furthermore, the elderly an user is, the higher his light need is.

Various demands on the intensity of the sun can me met in numerous ways. A chandelier with a higher number of bulbs whose light power we want to reduce can serve as an example. Such a cut down in the light power is available by:

– installing a double change (the chandelier will be only partially lit)
– installing a dimmer (the light intensity of all lit bulbs will be little by little regulated)
– changing current bulbs for the with a lower power

Were often asked the question showing how many forearms a chandelier should have to light a particular room. The following guide should help you answer the question:

Multiply the width of the space by the length (both in meters) and again by 15. The number you get is merely informative and should equal the Voltage power (W) the key lamps of the space should have. Light requirement is above all dependent on the sort of the bedroom (living room, lounge, dining room) which is either define by a regulation or required by an user.

The weight of crystal hanging
In case of large chandeliers, their weight plays an important part. It is important to learn where and what ceiling construction the chandelier will be installed or otherwise attached. You must take into account that an 18-arm flambeau, for example, can consider up to 17kilos, and such a weight will be attached to one point on your threshold. In the case of some especially large chandeliers, the construction of the ceiling should be evaluated by a structural professional.

If you wish to clean the complete flambeau, it is not necessary nowadays to dismantle the whole chandelier, dust various parts in soapy normal water, dry them carefully and go back all the parts with their places. This is now possible to buy a special detergent to clean up crystal chandeliers. The detergent need only be sprayed on the flambeau and all dirt will disappear and will drain away onto a cushion put beneath the hanging. The task, which would normally take hours, is done in a few minutes.