Buying a Robotic Lawn Mower? – Robot Lawn Mower Buying Tips

Thinking of buying a robotic garden mower to free up time and save money?

Here are some points to consider: robotic lawn mowers

There are a few automated lawn mower options out there with prices ranging from about $1, 299 to $4, two hundred so you’ll need to consider what features your lawn require and what features you want. 

What does your lawn require?

First of all, you should evaluate your yard. Your yard does not have to be a perfect “postage stamp” garden to acquire good results. In fact, most robotic mowers are designed to deal with odd shaped lawns and all different grass types. Robot mowers can move around around obstacles like private pools, trees, garden, poles, mail boxes and even playground equipment.

How large is your lawn?

Automatic lawn mowers can be used on lawns ranging from 75 sq ft to 2 acres. Some models will allow multiple units to be installed on the same lawn expanding coverage far beyond 2 miles. If your lawn is on the smaller aspect of the spectrum, a lower priced unit may be sufficient to your requirements. Prior to you decide on a price range, imagination head that special features, strength and quality also impact price.

Do you have a hilly lawn or can it be relatively flat?

One more big deciding factor for which robotic mower to buy is how it can handle hills. A lot of robot lawn mowers are designed to mow relatively flat lawns while others can be upgraded to handle steep hills. To get example, the LawnBott LB3500 robotic lawn mower can mow hills up to 30 degrees with increase spiked wheels. This particular model utilizes an on board compass to keep it on course as it navigates hilly tracé.

Performance and features

Automatic mower models differ in how long they take to recharge and how long they can cut before needing a fee. Charge times may differ from 2. 5 hours to upward 24 hours depending on model you choose. With recharge times in head, remember that robotic mowers will take longer to mow your yard compared to a human would. Therefore, if you have a sizable grass, it could take a few consecutive runs to cover the whole area. Since the robot is doing all of the checking, consecutive runs are effortless on your part, nevertheless, you want to choose an auto dvd product that can keep your lawn looking its best without falling behind during peak growing seasons.

Manage times for computerized mowers may differ from 90 minutes to 7 hours before the need to recharge. Some higher end models like the LawnBott LB3550 can cut up to fifteen several hours per day with a recharge period in between.

Many robotic lawn mowers completely automate lawn mowing and trimming by working on a time and day timetable. The lawnmower will automatically leave its charging place; mow the lawn, and then dock if is actually done. Lower end automatic mowers will require you to bring it inside your home to charge.

Other important features and points to consider:

” Higher end robot mowers can find how quickly your garden is growing and will adapt its schedule to according to when the lawn should be cut. This feature can be useful during droughts or fast growing seasons.

inches Most fully automated automatic lawn mowers utilize a rain sensor to automatically pause mowing sessions.