Affiliate Marketing – Sell Your Own Products at Amazon – With One Little Twist!

Although many affiliate marketers are aware they can promote Amazon items and earn commissions on their sales, a lot of men and women not necessarily aware that you can also sell your own items on Amazon. And if you sell THE products on Amazon, that also means that you’re going to have all of those Amazon online marketplace affiliates out there working to market your product, too. amazon seller quickbooks

Amazon CreateSpace –
With Amazon CreateSpace you can create ebooks, Dvd disks and video, set your own pricing, then sell your products directly through Amazon online. You simply create your product and upload it to the CreateSpace site plus they handle printing, tracking, and distribution. You avoid need to handle any inventory or care for the financial transactions – Amazon online does it all and you get a trim. 

Amazon Marketplace –
You can also sell physical products via the Amazon online marketplace Marketplace. And it can be any product you want – the one which Amazon online already carries or the one that they don’t. As you look at the product entries and you simply see those ‘used’ prices – those are individuals like you, offering their own products at the Marketplace.

There are several things to think about when you sell on Amazon – for example, you can charged transaction fees and you will probably have to stock your item and pay for shipping. As long as you’re aware of all of this entering it, though, and you make sure to include it in your pricing calculations, you will be fine.

Now here is the real secret to successful selling at Amazon online – Why would YOU want to sell a CD or an elizabeth book or a jar of perfume or a candle or…. if Amazon online marketplace is selling it? And why sell it at a ‘used’ or reduced price than Amazon is already getting because of it? How come not simply promote the Amazon . com item, acquire your commissions and call it each day?

Because – Your are shipping those items to the customer in your own home or office – and you will put whatever promotional materials you want into the box together with the product.

Let’s say you might have got an internet affiliate marketing website promoting XYZ dog food. And while away and about this earlier weekend you found a whole case of dog biscuits or a few of bottles of dog shampoo – either at the flea market, the thrift shop or maybe the pet store is having a clearance deal. And it doesn’t subject what brand it is, either.

List those products right along with their counterparts that Amazon is already carrying but list them in an beautifully lower price so that buyers will buy YOUR OWN rather than Amazon’s. And when you ship them away, include coupons or product samples and, of course, the information about your website and your product. You’ll be putting your information directly into their hands! It would actually benefit one to make no profit by any means off of your Amazon deal due to leads you’re heading to get.

Also keep in mind – there are an incredible number of Amazon online marketplace affiliates out there who will also be promoting your product simply because they’re sending people to Amazon.